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Find out what thousands of stylists already know:
i.N.O instantly repairs dry, damaged hair

Before and after using INO hair mask

Instant Hair Repair is here!

Shinier • Stronger • Less Frizzy with just one application

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Find out what thousands of stylists already know:
i.N.O instantly repairs dry, damaged hair.

shinier • stronger • less frizzy with just one application

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Before and after using INO hair mask

Find out what thousands of stylists already know:
Instant Hair Repair is here!

Olivia Flores, August 28, 2023

"I use it twice a week and it has made a difference."

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"Love i.N.Os hair repair mask. My hair is softer and more manageable. This company does all it says it does for your hair needs. I'm so glad to have found their product."

Susan Arakawa, August 28, 2023

"I was so surprised (and pleased) that i.N.O hair was immediately effective! "

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“It gave me thinning, curly hair body and shine without weight. It has a cumulative effect where it just gets better after each use. I use it once a week. The best part is, you don't have to use too much, so a small bottle lasts you several shampoos.”

Vani, July 5, 2023

"I tried this mask for the first time at my local salon and I was sold. "

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"This is the best hair mask i have tried in years. It leaves my hair, shiny, frizz free and soooo smooth. There is no need fir conditioner and it only takes a little amount to the job, make sure to follow the directions , dont put too much . I was due for keratin treatment and i dint have to do it since this mask gives me similar results without the chemicals. I will continue to use and I highly recommend this mask ."

Anonymous Stylist, June 29, 2023

"I was a K-18 user and I decided to give this product a try."

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"Well, let me tell you it's amazing! The product makes the hair soft and manageable. It leaves hair shiny and soft but not greasy. The price is definitely consumer friendly and easy on the pocket book and one of the best parts about this product is it is plant based, so if you're looking to get away from a lot chemicals in your hair this is for you! I'll continue to use this product and recommend it to my clients."

Elida Cirrincione, July 5, 2023

"This is an excellent conditioner mask!"

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"I since moved to Florida my hair had been dried out and no shine no matter how much conditioner I use or hair treatments, until I found INOHAIRCARE my hair is gorgeous, soft and silky. Looks so healthy now. I will be using this from now on."

Anonymous Stylist, June 29, 2023

"I got several compliments on my hair today and this product was the only change."

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"Used it for the 1st time today and was skeptical about not putting conditioner in. I have pretty thin, fuzzy dry hair so I always need a little weight from conditioner. I followed directions and my hair was super soft and straight after blow drying. Directions say to use for 4-6 washes and then every 2-3 washes so can't wait to see what it looks like the next time I use it!"

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Simple to use

Instant result

No harmful ingredients

NO harmful ingredients





Find out what thousands of stylists already know:
The instant answer to healthier-looking hair in 2023

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i.N.O Instant Hair Repair Mask

Our clinically-proven, revolutionary leave-in hair repair mask is a simple one-step system that penetrates the hair follicle. It:

  • Repairs hair damage caused by color, heat, and chemicals.
  • Gives you stronger, smoother, and shinier hair in salons and at home.
  • Uses cutting-edge bond-building technology
  • Made from a natural, plant-derived formula
  • Is used in thousands of salons worldwide

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For all types of damaged hair

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84% increased strength instantly

Clinically proven Based on 3rd party independent lab testing.

How i.N.O works

We combine an advanced scientific approach with natural, effective ingredients and put them in the palm of your hand (and then your hair). We strive to achieve and maintain the best and healthiest hair for you, without compromising on what goes into the formula.

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Key Ingredients


(sourced from tamarind fruit)
A powerful hair antioxidant and moisturizer that also provides color protection.


(sourced from corn)
A naturally derived ingredient that is used in cosmetics and skincare to improve the texture and feel of the hair.


(sourced from potato)
Our PPB is loaded with iron, potassium, fiber, protein and vitamins. Potato protein helps in strengthening the hair follicles.

How to Use i.N.O

Watch our 2-minute YouTube tutorial video below and witness the real-life instant results

Frequently Asked Questions

i.N.O hair repair mask is designed to repair and restore human hair. If your extensions are made with human hair, i.N.O hair repair mask is a good solution to prolong their life. i.N.O would not make a difference if used on extensions made from synthetic materials.

Instantly. Our hair repair mask provides results same-day for those with dry, damaged hair from color and chemical treatments.

You do not need conditioner when applying an i.N.O instant hair repair mask because it prevents active ingredients of the mask from penetrating inside the hair.  You do want to use conditioner between uses.

No, i.N.O hair repair mask is a leave-in formula that is applied after washing hair and is not intended to be washed out.

Apply 1-2 pumps of i.N.O mask on your hands, rub them together to emulsify the product, and spread evenly into the hair, starting from the ends. Once done, wait 4 minutes before styling, then style your hair as usual.  Watch our 2-minute How-To video on Youtube.

Stylists love i.N.O!

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Cruelty Free
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